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Solar Power for Home and Business

black solar panels on roof with sunset

Have you considered solar for your home or business? We know that researching solar on your own can be overwhelming, and often leads to conflicting, outdated, or generic information that doesn’t answer your questions. Whether you’re exploring residential or commercial solar options, Galusha Solar can help. 

Throughout the evaluation process, our transparent approach will allow you to make an informed choice about solar. If you decide solar is a good fit, you’ll gain freedom from ever-increasing electrical costs by generating and storing clean solar power for your home or business!

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What to consider before going solar

You’ve probably heard a few reasons why you should go solar. Save money. Protect the environment. Energy independence. Self reliance. But there are valid reasons that make solar a poor solution. 

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Want to know more? Check out our blog where you’ll learn helpful information such as how to recognize a poor quality solar proposal before you are locked into a contract you regret. Or, what happens when the power goes out? Or, does solar actually save me money? Have more questions? Contact us, either through the office links at the top of the page or the contact form at the bottom.

Residential Solar

You’ve already made one great investment by purchasing your home. 

Gone are the days of massive, cloudy solar panels. Today’s sleek panels are available in many designs, from all black panels that almost blend into a dark roof to the blue cells in the photo to the right. With improved aesthetics and longevity of over 25 years, solar power adds exceptional value to your home by providing tangible savings on your electric bill for decades. When paired with a battery system, you’ll gain resilience, maintaining power when the grid goes down. 

Home solar power panels on roof
Solar panels on manufacturing plant in Andrews, Texas
This manufacturing facility in Andrews, TX offsets 100% of their electrical usage thanks to the system pictured here.

Commercial Solar

Reduce your overhead by generating your own power.

If you own a business, solar can improve your bottom line by giving you control of  your energy costs. You’ll also benefit from accelerated depreciation on your system.

For people using backup generators, or UPS power supplies on computers, solar power becomes even more valuable. By incorporating batteries to augment your solar power, you’ll maintain uptime without needing to keep a supply of fuel on site. It’s a perfect solution to keep you running when the grid is down.

agriculture and solar

Stabilization for the future.

It’s a fact that few businesses are as impacted by climate change as agriculture.  If you’re farmer or rancher, solar is the simplest way to make your property more resilient. Solar not only offsets your electrical usage, it allows you to do your part in reducing climate change.


Solar power panels on Farm in Andrews, Texas
The farm pictured here is located in Andrews, Texas. They offset 100% of their electrical usage using solar.

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We maintain two primary locations in Aurora, Colorado and Andrews, Texas with a warehouse in Seminole, Texas. In addition to providing solar throughout much of Colorado and West Texas, we service south and west Minnesota, South Dakota, and can tap into a network of installers to support much of the United States.